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  • Sean Coleman

    Department Head - Jiu Jitsu / Coach - Jiu Jitsu / Social Media Manager

    Location: SBG Buford, SBG Druid Hills

    Coach Sean is one of our longest-tenured coaches, having been with the SBG tribe since 2011, and is the first Tribe member to go from White Belt to Black Belt under Coach Phil Gentry. He is an incredible motivator and loves waking up early, and we do mean EARLY (like 4am early). One of Sean’s real talents is his ability to be able to work with students of all levels; from brand-new white belts who are looking to lose some weight and lead a more active lifestyle, to more advanced practitioners that regularly compete in tournaments, Coach Sean has an outstanding track record of getting his students the results they are looking for.

    • Hobbies

      I like to sit in silence… think… read… write. Social time with family and friends… and free myself for creativity (art, video, photo, painting, building).

    • Guilty Pleasure

      Elaborate snack time to wind down the night with my best friend, rewatching shows like Workaholics, Curb your enthusiasm & kroll show for the thousandth time.

    • Fun Fact About Me

      I have a special skill to translate complex things to others via simple things. The tool that I work to master for this is analogy. It is the tool I used to see if I truly understand something. Because if I can’t simplify it and deliver it to someone, it is a reflection of my actual understanding. So I use this tool to gain that understanding… and grow it more.

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