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Jim Sheppard

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With Sbg Since 2013

Coach Jim has been with Straight Blast Gym since 2013 and coaching Muay Thai since 2015. He has worked in the martial arts and fitness industry for nearly 20 years and is a proponent of training hard, but also training smart and having fun while doing it. "The majority of my students aren't here to become world champions; they want to learn how to effectively strike, gain the confidence and reassurance that they can defend themselves, and not hate going to the gym. That last one is important to recognize. If we don't have fun while training Muay Thai then most people will quit, and I think that learning and regularly practicing Muay Thai is far too valuable of a skill to quit."

Coach Jim is a former Muay Thai & Kickboxing competitor and has over a decade of striking experience on his resume. He has cemented himself as one of SBG's most enthusiastic and engaging coaches, and also has quite a collection of Muay Thai short-shorts. Coach Jim also holds a blue belt in Jiu Jitsu and helps coach the Kids classes.

In addition to coaching, Coach Jim loves training in Muay Thai classes, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes, and playing music (he slaps the bass) with other musicians; several of whom are fellow SBG athletes. If you want to talk Fantasy Football or Game of Thrones, he is always game.

Jim Sheppard
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