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    Women’s Jiu Jitsu at SBG: Empowerment & Community

    SBG’s Women’s Jiu Jitsu is a place where empowerment, camaraderie, and self-discovery converge on the mats. 

    Voted best of Gwinnett six years in a row

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    ego-free family training environment

    Elite Black belt Jiu-Jitsu instruction

    Jiu Jitsu empowers individuals regardless of gender and holds transformative benefits for women specifically.

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    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Women's Classes Seminar

    Women's Jiu Jitsu at SBG

    The Importance of Our Women’s Jiu Jitsu Tribe

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    At SBG, we are more than just a gym; we also have a Tribe of empowered women who support and uplift one another. We believe in building each other up, and we’ve fostered a welcoming and empowering environment for our Women’s Tribe. Here are some aspects that make our community exceptional: 

    Supportive & Tight-Knit Community

    In a world where negativity can easily prevail, we stand for building each other up and creating a positive and empowering atmosphere, where your success is celebrated, and your struggles are shared.

    Forging New Friendships

    Our Women’s Tribe is a place where meaningful connections and lifelong friendships are formed, providing a strong support system on and off the mats.

    Women’s Only Events and Seminars

    Participate in exclusive events and seminars for our Women’s Tribe that are designed to enhance your skills and confidence.

    Large Contingent of Training Partners

    With an abundance of training partners in every class, you’ll always find a supportive network of fellow women eager to train and grow together.

    Safety: A Core Value at SBG

    At SBG, safety is paramount. Our gym embraces diversity in every form, ensuring that men and women of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities feel welcome and valued. A diverse community is a sign of a healthy culture, and we’re proud to foster such an environment where everyone can thrive.

    Join SBG today and experience the empowering world of Women’s Jiu Jitsu. Train with us, build friendships, and unlock your full potential in a safe, welcoming, and empowering environment. Join the SBG Family today and be part of something truly extraordinary!

    What Benefits Can You Expect From Training in SBG Atlanta's Women's Jiu Jitsu Tribe?

    Physical Empowerment

    Jiu Jitsu builds strength, agility, and endurance, enabling women to feel physically empowered.

    real self-defense

    Most martial arts give women a false sense of security. Jiu Jitsu is one of the only martial arts that works equally for men and women, giving you a REAL sense of security.

    Mental resilience

    Jiu Jitsu cultivates mental resilience, boosting confidence, determination, and the ability to handle challenging situations. 

    Increase Confidence

    Develop unwavering self-assurance as you master Jiu Jitsu techniques, empowering women to navigate life with confidence both on and off the mat.

    stress relief

    Jiu Jitsu releases stress and boosts your mental well-being through the physical and mental challenges during training sessions. 

    Friendship and Camaraderie 

    Join a supportive community of like-minded women who will become your friends for life. 


    Meet Our Jiu Jitsu Coaches

    Experience Jiu jitsu at sbg

    Get started with our 8-week foundations program

    Unlike other Jiu Jitsu schools who often thrust students into a full martial arts class (which feels super intimidating), all our new Jiu Jitsu athletes start in our 8-week Foundations program. In Foundations, we teach the fundamentals of Jiu Jitsu in a smaller, more controlled, and non-intimidating environment.

    In addition to learning the fundamentals of Jiu Jitsu, you’ll get in “Jiu Jitsu shape” at a more comfortable and sustainable pace. Most BJJ practitioners will tell you that getting in shape for Jiu Jitsu can only be done by actually doing Jiu Jitsu.

    Because of the way we’ve structured Foundations, we’ve had a tremendous success rate of people enjoying their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training and cultivating a controlled and friendly environment. Our #1 priority is for you to feel safe and part of the tribe from your first class.

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    "When I step on the mat, there's no place I'd rather be."


    SBG serves all of Metro Atlanta with two convenient locations.

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    • SBG Druid Hills

      1799 Briarcliff Rd NE, Suite V Atlanta, GA 30306
      SBG Atlanta Building
    • SBG Buford

      1605 Buford Hwy NE STE N Buford, GA 30518
      Straight Blast Gym Buford Location

    Have Questions About Jiu Jitsu Classes at SBG?

    Here are some frequently asked questions. If you still have questions about the program, please click the button below to contact one of our coaches.

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    • What attire do I wear to class?

      Half of our Intermediate and Advanced Jiu Jitsu classes, and ALL of our Foundations classes, are conducted in the Gi (the traditional two-piece uniform consisting of a jacket and pants, along with a belt which communicates your rank). The other half of our Intermediate and Advanced Jiu Jitsu classes are conducted in “No Gi” attire, where you will wear a rash guard (a tighter fitting shirt) – either long sleeve or short sleeve – and a pair of board shorts or No Gi Pants (also known as spats) that do not have pockets. The purpose of the tighter fitting attire is for safety, as you do not want you or your teammates smaller extremeties (think fingers, toes, etc) to get snagged in loose fitting clothing causing them to break.

      You can wear outside brands, or you can purchase SBG Gear from our in-house stores. In addition, Gi and No Gi classes will be clearly marked so you will know what attire to wear to class.

    • Can I get hurt doing Jiu Jitsu?

      Of course. Like any sport or physical activity, there’s always a chance to get banged up or injured. At SBG, we have a saying that perfectly sums up our training methodology: ‘Upgrade the software without damaging the hardware.’ In other words, training hard is great, but training rough is stupid. Creating a safe training environment is one of our Core Values, and we pride ourselves on having an extremely low injury rate. In addition, our Coaches will work to ensure that you are paired up with appropriate training partners, especially for our Women Tribe. We understand that sometimes you may be a small female and the only other partner that is available is a large 200lb male… there is really no reason to have these kind of pairs for drilling/training, and some drills may not be possible because of the size discrepancy – so we will step in and swap teammates around so that everyone can SAFELY train and still have a great class. We take every precaution to make sure our students leave class feeling AWESOME, and not hurt.

      Do you want to know the biggest determinant in staying healthy and preventing injuries? That would be YOU! If you feel uncomfortable in a training situation – say something (either nicely to your training partner, or to your coach). It’s not rude to let someone know that you are smaller and don’t feel comfortable training with a larger teammate, especially if someone is training out of control. If you come into class with the mindset of training smooth and getting better, and not winning every minute of every practice like it’s the world championships, then you will do just fine.

    • Do I have to train with men?

      No, we will never force you to train with men. The majority of our classes have a large contingency of Women that train in them. We also have a Women’s Only Open Mat on Saturdays where you can train with all of your fellow female Tribe Members. However, we have A LOT of amazing male training partners that train very smooth and very safe, so when you are ready we certainly encourage you to train with all genders.

    • Do you offer female only classes?

      We currently don’t have Female Only Jiu Jitsu classes. Not for lack of females in the Tribe, in fact we have a VERY large female jiu jitsu student base. The majority of the jiu jitsu classes you will find a plethora of female training partners to work with!

      We do offer a Female Only Open Mat on Saturdays, and we regularly have Women’s Only Workshops. Our Women’s Tribe also frequently gets together for community building activities and to meet and hang out with other Female Tribe Members. It’s a fantastic and supportive community to be in, so if you are curious about Jiu Jitsu and would like to ask any questions, we are happy to set you up with any of our Female Tribe Members to let them tell you a bit about their experience at SBG!