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    Kids MMA Program

    Looking for a local gym that has safe, high-quality MMA instruction for kids? We've worked hard to put together a curriculum and a culture that develops kids physically, mentally, and emotionally.

    Fun, High-Energy Kids Coaching Staff

    "Safety-First" Training Environment

    Progressive Curriculum Builds Kids Up

    Competing is Always Optional

    Give your child the most effective self-defense skills available & the character to go along with them.

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    The Ultimate in Real World Self-Defense Training, Sport Competition, and Whole Body Fitness for Kids

    Special Offer

    Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is the ultimate in martial arts and self-defense training. It combines elements of Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, and Judo.

    Straight Blast Gym Atlanta has created one of the safest and highest quality kids MMA programs in the state of Georgia, training kids from ages 7 to 16.

    Why do parents come to SBG Atlanta for their child’s MMA training? Because our unique training methodologies have put out top level fighters like Conor McGregor, Artum Lobov, and Gunnar Nelson, yet we never lose site of the fact that safety and character building should be the top priorities for kids.

    With SBG Atlanta, you get the best of both worlds. We don’t water down our program or sell belts and we also don’t go over the top and allow the training to become violent or toxic. It’s pure, high-quality MMA training that’s going to transform your child into a well-rounded athlete and an even better person.


    Kids MMA Coaches

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    SBG serves all of Metro Atlanta with two convenient locations.

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    • SBG Druid Hills

      1799 Briarcliff Rd NE, Suite V Atlanta, GA 30306
      SBG Atlanta Building
    • SBG Buford

      1605 Buford Hwy NE STE N Buford, GA 30518
      Straight Blast Gym Buford Location

    Have questions about Kids MMA at SBG?

    Here are some frequently asked questions. If you still have questions about the program, please click the button below to contact one of our coaches.

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    • Do you offer a striking program for kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athletes?

      Yes. Striking is involved in our kids MMA program. All of our new young students start with Braziilan Jiu Jitsu and have the opportunity to move into our Mixed Martial Arts classes. Before we begin teaching your child how to physically strike someone else, we want to make sure they possess the maturity and acumen necessary to possess this knowledge.

    • What are the requirements for my child to start Kids MMA?

      In order to start training in the Kids MMA program, your child must have moved through our Growing Gorillas Program to Submission Samurai (the progression of Growing Gorillas is from Explorer to Leadership to Submission Samurai). This is for our Chimps and Juniors age groups – not our youngest ‘Spider Monkeys’.

      If you are a Teen, it is a slightly different path to Submission Samurai. You will need to have gone through Foundations Jiu Jitsu (Beginners) and Foundations Muay Thai (Beginners) – and from there you can be a part of the Submission Samurai Program.

    • Is it dangerous for my child to participate in Kids MMA?

      No more so than it is for your child to participate in other contact sports. All of the training that we do are in very organized drills with experienced coaches to guide the kids through each class. Of course there is punching, kicking, takedowns, submissions and all things involved with MMA… however, new methodologies in training massively reduce the risk of injury. No one is getting punched or kicked in the head with any kind of impact that would lead to head trauma or concussions. Your child far more at risk getting injured playing something like football, hockey, or basketball than training MMA at SBG.

    • How many days per week can my child train Kids MMA?

      Mixed Martial Arts is the mixture of multiple martial arts practices. Your child will have the opportunity to train Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai (depending on age) every day Monday through Saturday. If they are part of the Kids MMA Program, your child will get an opportunity to put together their martial arts disciplines together in a mixed martial arts setting 1 day per week.