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  • Min Kim

    Department Head - Muay Thai & Fitness

    Location: SBG Druid Hills

    Coach Min grew up in California and has competed in Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts.  He first came to Straight Blast Gym in 2020 as a guest, and soon after moved across the country to join our Druid Hills location, leading the Muay Thai & Fitness Programs. He leads by example, living a healthy lifestyle and prioritizes discipline, integrity, and respect in his daily life.  His dedication to his sport shows on the mats as he is constantly growing and learning so that he can provide the absolute best instruction and leadership to his students.

    • Hobbies

      Acting, Stunts, Snowboard, Surf, Write, Coffee, Cook, Occasionally check out museums & local art piece, hit up jazz bars, paint, travel.

    • Guilty Pleasure

      I always have to have sour gummies or an Arizona drink with me when I’m coaching.

    • Fun Fact About Me

      I took on a road trip around the US 4 times.

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