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    Mixed Martial Arts Training for Adults

    Whether you want to be a professional fighter or just want to train as a hobby, SBG Atlanta is proud to have one of the top MMA programs in the state of Georgia.

    Best MMA Training in Metro Atlanta

    Intense, but Ultra-Safe Training

    Hobby, Amateur, & Pro Level Training

    Elite Striking & Black Belt-Led Jiu Jitsu

    Train like a fighter, learn complete self-defense, and get in the best shape of your life.

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    The Ultimate in Real World Self-Defense Training, Sport Competition, and Whole Body Fitness

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    Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is the ultimate in martial arts and self-defense training. It combines elements of Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, and Judo.

    Straight Blast Gym Atlanta has created one of the premier mixed martial arts programs in the state of Georgia, sporting both amateur and professional mixed martial arts fighters in our gym.

    Why do MMA athletes and aspiring MMA athletes come to SBG? Because our unique training methodologies have put out top level fighters like Conor McGregor, Artum Lobov, and Gunnar Nelson.

    Straight Blast Gym incorporates ‘Aliveness’ into our training. Aliveness utilizes movement, timing and energy inside of traditional drills and concepts to replicate real-life scenarios and situations, ensuring maximum preparedness for anyone needing to utilize their skills in competition or a self-defense scenario.

    If you’re wanting the highest quality MMA training led by a group of elite striking, Jiu Jitsu, and wrestling instructors, Straight Blast Gym Atlanta is your best bet.


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    Feel Intimidated? Our Foundations Programs Let's You Learn the Fundamentals With Other Beginners Like You

    The two main components of Mixed Martial Arts are striking and grappling. For this reason, all beginners who wish to train Mixed Martial Arts at SBG will first go through our Muay Thai Foundations program and our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Foundations program.

    Our MMA classes are less geared toward teaching striking and grappling techniques and primarily geared toward putting striking and grappling techniques together in a live fighting scenario. For this reason, you must already have a base level of technique to participate and you’re expected to be engaging in ongoing Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training as you attend Mixed Martial Arts classes.

    For new athletes with existing experience, we will evaluate your skill set and make a decision on where to place you after that evaluation. Either way, sign up for a free private class so you can experience MMA at SBG Atlanta.

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    SBG serves all of Metro Atlanta with two convenient locations.

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    • SBG Druid Hills

      1799 Briarcliff Rd NE, Suite V Atlanta, GA 30306
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    • SBG Buford

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    Have Questions About Mixed Martial Arts Classes at SBG?

    Here are some frequently asked questions. If you still have questions about the program, please click the button below to contact one of our coaches.

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    • Do I need any experience to start?

      Absolutely not. The vast majority of the new students that enroll at Straight Blast Gym don’t have any prior experience in martial arts. We have Foundations classes set up so that you can learn your new art alongside other new students, while training at a more moderate pace. Our Foundations program gives you the opportunity to learn the fundamental, and most important, aspects of striking and grappling alongside other beginners and in a very controlled environment. We want to set up every new student for success, and this means we will NOT just throw you into a class full of experienced athletes where you’re forced to sink or swim.

    • So what do I need to do to get into your MMA program?

      Your MMA training starts on day 1. Mixed martial arts is quite literally just that; a combination of martial arts applied together. When you learn how to throw a jab, you’re doing MMA. When you learn how to apply an armbar, you’re doing MMA. We have specific MMA classes that take the elements of striking and grappling and combine them together, which you are welcome to participate in. You’ll need to train in our Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu programs individually before joining our MMA classes.

    • I’ve been burned in the past by gyms that trap me into long term contracts. Can I just take it one class at a time?

      If only we had a nickel for every time we’ve heard this. We get it – big box gyms make their money by signing you up to a long-term agreement and hoping that you never come back. It’s sad, and it makes people very skeptical of joining a new gym. Well, allow us to make this very clear: that is the exact opposite of how we operate our gym!

    • I DO want to compete. Can you guys set me up with a fight?

      Of course. SBG Buford has a rich history of competing in mixed martial arts, including 2 state championships in professional MMA. If you are willing to put in the time, pay your dues, and listen to your coaches, we’ll be happy to train and prepare you for an amateur fight. What we will NOT do is rush someone into a cage/ring so that they can simply check an item off of their bucket list. Fighting is not to be taken lightly, and we want to ensure that you are going out there as prepared as possible. Not only are we looking out for your safety, but you also represent us, the coaches, and your teammates. Even if you don’t win, we want you to represent yourself and the tribe in a positive light.

    • Do I have to sign a contract?

      Every member of Straight Blast Gym is on an active membership agreement, but the length of your agreement is entirely up to you. We offer membership agreements that range from multiple-years, to month-to-month. As long as you’re excited about training with us and ready to make some awesome changes in your life, we can craft your membership agreement to suit your individual needs.

    • Do I have to fight or compete to participate in the MMA program?

      You do not. Maybe half of the men/women in our MMA program regularly compete in the sport. If you would like to compete in mixed martial arts we will gladly give you the tools and know-how to accomplish those goals. If you’re just looking for a fun, challenging, and rewarding form of exercise, that’s okay too. As long as you show up with a good attitude and are ready to work, you’ll do great.

    • Could I get hurt doing this stuff?

      Of course. Like any sport or physical activity there’s always a chance to get banged up or injured. At SBG, we have a saying that perfectly sums up our training methodology; Upgrade the software without damaging the hardware. In other words, training hard is great, but training rough is just stupid. Make no mistake, MMA is a very physically demanding sport that isn’t meant for everyone. There will be lots of contact between you and your training partners, so it’s imperative that we take care of each other. The key to having good, safe training partners is to BE a good and safe training partner.