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  • Montana Keitz

    Department Head - Kids Martial Arts / Coach - Kids Jiu Jitsu, Kids MMA / First Impression Team Specialist

    Location: SBG Buford

    Growing up, Montana was passionate about skateboarding, but decided to leave it behind in pursuit of learning how to fight. He started training Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu in 2019, and soon after it became a key part of his life and tools for channeling and controlling anger that had been a part of his challenging upbringing. Coach Montana found his home at SBG, where he quickly became a remarkable asset to the coaching staff and an integral member of the Tribe. He has found a sense of purpose and authenticity coaching our young martial artists. He passionately believes in the importance of being genuine and staying true to oneself, values he tries to impart on his students.

    • Hobbies

      I love drawing and playing video games, listening to music (especially death metal), and tarantula keeping.

    • Guilty Pleasure

      Without a doubt – Cannolis!

    • Fun Fact About Me

      I love frogs 🙂

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