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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Belt Promotions are on January 24th, 2021

SBG Buford has three Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athletes earning new belts!! As a part of Straight Blast Gym's promotion process, students that have earned a promotion take part in an Ironman ceremony. During an Ironman, the students being promoted will do a live roll (it's our version of sparring) with all of their teammates in […]
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Knockout 2021 w/ Heavy Discounts and Free Gear!!

During the month of January, new students at Straight Blast Gym Buford can save over $150 on their enrollment. 😮😮😮 A new year is upon us and for many, it is the catalyst they've been waiting for to change their behavior and improve their lifestyle. 💪🏻 Enhance your physical apperance with weight loss & muscle […]
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Mike Greene is SBG Buford's Martial Arts Student of the Month for January 2021

Mike Greene is about to receive his brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu You'd be hard-pressed to find a more respected and revered athlete at SBG Buford than Mike Greene. A veteran on the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu mats, Mike has been training with Straight Blast Gym Buford since December of 2014. For six years he […]
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Dan Ryan is SBG Buford's Fitness Athlete of the Month for January 2021

Local business owner Dan Ryan knows what it takes to be successful, and it is that drive that led to him being named our Fitness Athlete of the Month. Dan Ryan has been exercising and doing martial arts for many years. A former Muay Thai athlete, Dan came to Straight Blast Gym looking for a […]
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Landon Stowe is the Martial Arts Kid of the Month for January 2021

7-year-old, Sugar Hill Elementary school studnet, Landon Stowe began training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu this past October. Looking for an extra-curricular activity that could keep his attention and build his self-confidence, they found Straight Blast Gym Buford's Growing Gorillas Jiu Jitsu program. His mother Yana told us this: "His dad got him to try karate […]
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