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  • James Morton

    Coach - Group Fitness

    Location: SBG Buford

    James has played sports his entire life but ended up falling in love with wrestling and lifting weights in high school. He started wrestling at the end of his freshman year, which is when he was first introduced to strength & conditioning training. James became obsessed with learning about the human body and how to help people to improve their athletic performance and build their ideal physique, which led him to getting his CrossFit level 1 certification in 2016, and then his USAW (USA Weightlifting) certification in 2017. James teaches our Group Fitness classes and spends several hours each week working with our martial arts athletes, helping to make them stronger, more explosive, better-conditioned athletes.

    • Hobbies

      Reading about history and watching cute nature videos.

    • Guilty Pleasure

      Werther’s Originals.

    • Fun Fact About Me

      I counted to 1000 one time.

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