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  • Straight Blast Gym Buford is headed to Reno, NV for SBG Fall Camp 2021


    We’d Love For You To Join Us in Reno, NV for SBG Fall Camp!! 🦍 🔥

    SBG Camp is an amazing weekend of fun, friendship, and badass martial arts training.  This upcoming installment will be held in Reno, Nevada on the weekend of October 1st – 3rd, and all martial arts athletes from SBG Buford and SBG Atlanta are invited to attend.

    What does SBG Camp look like??

    The basic jist is this:

    Friday: Camp officially kicks off on Friday evening where 1 or 2 coaches will teach a section (it’s a training session….more on this later) before an Open Mat is held, where you’ll have the opportunity to get in live rolls with SBG coaches and athletes from all over the globe. The Open Mat is one of the highlights of the weekend for Jiu Jitsu students. Getting to do live rounds with other BJJ athletes from around the world is really something special.

    Saturday: The morning starts with 8am MMA practice for all amateur and professional fighters.  The last MMA practice at SBG Camp was run by Coach Matt Inman of SBG Manchester.  If you don’t know who Coach Matt is, check this out. 

    After MMA practice, we’ll have 2 sections, lunch (many people use this time to get in more live rolls) and then 2 more sections before wrapping up the day. 

    Saturday night, there’s an SBG social where all of the coaches and participants gather at a brewery/restaurant/bar/etc to mingle and enjoy some adult beverages.  The social is an incredible time to meet and mingle with teammates from all of the different SBG’s.

    Sunday: It’s a similar schedule as Saturday, but without the early morning MMA practice. 2 sections, lunch, and 2 more sections.

    What are these sections you speak of, and who teaches them??

    Sections are basically a 75-90 minute martial arts workshop, with each one being taught by a different SBG coach.  To give you an idea of the quality of coach you can expect to learn under, the SBG Camp that we hosted at our gym in 2019 saw sections taught by Matt Thornton, Chris Conolley, and John Kavanagh.  Yeah….it’s stacked!!!

    What will be taught in these sections??

    Each coach has the flexibility to teach whatever they like.  Coaches like Matt Thornton, Travis Davison, and John Frankl will teach Jiu Jitsu, while Coaches like Chris Conolley and Stephen Whittier might decide to teach Muay Thai.  Be prepared to do some of both. Speaking of coaches at SBG camp….

    Coach Phil has been selected to teach a section at Fall Camp!! 🔥 🔥 🔥

    Being selected to teach at SBG Camp is a pretty big deal, and you know Coach Phil will bring the fire.

    So how can I attend SBG Camp in Reno??

    We would LOVE to have a large group of Straight Blast Gym Buford students join us in Reno for SBG Camp this October. To purchase admission to Camp, click here (lock in your participation before September 15th to save big with the special pre-sale).

    We’ve also got a special deal lined up for Straight Blast Gym athletes who would like to stay at the resort in Reno. If you are a student at SBG, click here to enjoy a special discount on your room at the Grand Sierra Resort.

    See you in Reno for SBG Camp 2021!!

    Jim Sheppard

    is one of the co-owners of Straight Blast Gym Buford and Straight Blast Gym Atlanta. He has been training / coaching / competing in Muay Thai since 2013 and holds a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.