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This SIMPLE Mindset Shift Fixes Yo-Yo Dieting, "Discipline" Failures, and Abandoned New Year Resolutions For Good

New Year, New You… Again? As we usher in the New Year, many of us find ourselves caught up in the whirlwind of resolutions and ambitious goals…again. The gyms are buzzing, kale salads are flying off the shelves, and the collective determination to get fit is palpable. Yet, despite the initial enthusiasm, the cycle of […]
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Fitness Student Of The Month: Darnell Bramble

This month we are thrilled to showcase the achievements of Darnell Bramble, who has been selected as our Fitness Student of the Month.
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Kids Student Of The Month: Mark & Yohann Abert

At Straight Blast Gym, we take pride in recognizing the accomplishments of our students. This month, we are excited to highlight the journey of two young martial artists, Mark and Yohann Abert.
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Martial Arts Student Of The Month: Tayo Onifade

Recognizing the impact martial arts can have on well-being, Tayo is determined to bring this transformative tool into mainstream mental health practices.
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Meet the SBG Leadership Team

They are not just leaders; they are trailblazers whose unwavering dedication to our vision keeps our community thriving and evolving.
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Meet The Leadership: Phillipe Gentry

Introducing the driving force behind the accomplishments of Straight Blast Gym Atlanta, the owner, Phillipe Gentry. His story goes beyond that of a gym owner. He is a champion in all aspects of life.
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Meet The Leadership: Woo Ko

Get to know the driving force behind the success of SBG Buford. Woo Ko, our General Manager. In this blog post we'll take you on a journey through Woo’s commitment to our gyms vision and his exceptional leadership qualities.
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Meet The Leadership: David Eads

ntroducing David Eads, an individual who leads as the General Manager of SBG Atlanta. His genuine passion and unwavering dedication drive our gym’s vision forward. In this article, we will delve into David’s commitment to equipping people from all backgrounds with self defense skills.
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Meet The Leadership: Autumn Gentry

Introducing Autumn Gentry, the driving force behind our marketing strategies and a passionate advocate for the Straight Blast Gym community. In this article, we will delve into Autumn's journey within our Tribe.
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Meet The Leadership: Sean Coleman

Introducing Sean Coleman, the driving force, behind our marketing strategy and a passionate advocate for Straight Blast Gym. In this article, we will dive into Sean’s journey within our community.
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