Meet The Leadership: Autumn Gentry

Autumn Gentry (Marketing Director)

Introducing Autumn Gentry, the driving force behind our marketing strategies and a passionate advocate for the Straight Blast Gym community. In this article, we will delve into Autumn's journey within our Tribe. Her steadfast commitment to protecting and nurturing our community has not only transformed her life but has also propelled SBG Atlanta to new heights. Join us as we explore Autumn’s leadership philosophy, influenced by a boss who prioritized growth, and discover how her corporate background contributes to the spirit of our Tribe. Let's unravel the qualities that define a leader, according to Autumn, and explore her perspective on SBG's future expansion.

Passion for the Tribe's Vision

Autumn Gentry, who serves as our Marketing Director, possesses a passion for the community that has flourished within SBG Atlanta. Safeguarding this community and nurturing its growth serves as her driving force. She firmly believes that it is truly a one-of-a-kind advantage—and a space where individuals not only develop their martial arts skills but also positively contribute to society as a whole.

Shaping Leadership Approach

Autumn has had the opportunity to work with bosses ranging from terrible to average. However, there was one boss who truly stood out and made an impression on her. He genuinely cared about his team members, not just in terms of their work but also their personal growth. This experience taught Autumn the importance of leadership.

Contribution of Diverse Background

With 16 years of experience in the medical device industry, Autumn brings a wealth of knowledge to SBG. She has successfully led teams, managed product lines, and guided billion dollar companies through IPOs and acquisitions. Her goal is to combine aspects of corporate America with SBG's entrepreneurial spirit to foster scalability.

Essential Leadership Quality

According to Autumn, an exceptional leader embodies qualities such as honesty, integrity, empathy, effective communication, and a clear vision. Each characteristic plays a role in steering the organization, and together they create a powerful synergy that propels the Tribe towards success.

The Vision for the Tribe

Autumn envisions our Tribe expanding through processes and practices that align with SBG's overarching vision. Drawing from her perspective gained from success in the corporate world, she will provide valuable insights and guidance for SBG's future endeavors.

In Conclusion

Autumn, our Marketing Director, isn't someone who just leads in her role. She also plays a vital role in nurturing the growth of our community. Her journey truly showcases the power of SBG, where people not only excel in martial arts but also contribute positively to society. Autumn’s leadership philosophy is truly unique and was inspired by a boss who emphasized personal growth. With her 16 years of expertise, she brings value by combining the best of corporate America with SBG's entrepreneurial spirit. Autumn envisions a leader as someone who possesses integrity, empathy, effective communication skills, and a clear vision for the future. This sets the stage for SBG’s expansion while staying true to our overarching vision. Let's come together and celebrate Autumn Gentry. A leader who truly embodies what SBG Atlanta represents.

Sean Coleman is a Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu and has been training and teaching with SBG Atlanta since 2011.