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    At Straight Blast Gym, our community of Martial Artists goes beyond your average gym. It’s a knit family of individuals who are united by their shared love for growth, discipline, and achieving excellence in martial arts. Our mission is deeply rooted in our aspiration to not just run a business but also to make a positive impact on countless lives. The foundation of our community lies in our core values of Trust, Care, Energy, Growth, and Safety.

    Our Vision

    Our vision for the future: Three thriving gyms with a roster of 2,400 dedicated students. We aim to be unrivaled in terms of the influence we have on the lives of our students and competitors. Our goal is to produce more career martial artists than any other gym!

    Meet the Leaders

    Now let us introduce you to the individuals who lead and inspire us at our gym. They are not just leaders; they are trailblazers whose unwavering dedication to our vision keeps our community thriving and evolving.

    Phillipe Gentry


    Phillipe Gentry, SBG Atlanta’s owner, embodies the characteristics of a champion in every aspect of life. His competitive spirit extends beyond the world of martial-arts to encompass his family, business endeavors, and community involvement. Phillipe’s passion drives him to excel, not only as a father and husband but also as a successful business owner while nurturing a flourishing MMA team. His commitment to learning, coupled with his ability to seek guidance from both internal and external leaders, has played a vital role in his personal development as well as the success of our gym. With a background spanning over 25 years and 15 years of coaching experience, Phillipe brings a wealth of knowledge that consistently positions our gym at the forefront of Atlanta’s market. The qualities that define his leadership—determination, empathy, and effective communication—serve as the pillars of our community, inspiring us towards a more promising future.

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    Woo Ko

    (SBG Buford General Manager)

    Woo, who holds the position of General Manager at SBG Buford, plays a role in bringing our gym’s vision to life. He is deeply committed to fostering a culture of growth and unity among our members, as he believes that their progress directly contributes to the success of our community. Woo demonstrated leadership during the challenges posed by COVID-19, setting aside ego and actively working to bridge communication gaps and guide our team through difficult times. With his background, Woo draws parallels between his experience in the Marine Corps and the values we uphold here at our Tribe. He emphasizes the importance of delegating authority, not responsibility. For Woo, emotional intelligence forms the foundation of leadership. It encompasses qualities such as empathy, understanding, and skillful communication. As a leader, he prioritizes meeting the needs of our Tribe above personal gain and envisions a future where empathy and interconnectedness thrive within our community.

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    David Eads

    (SBG Atlanta General Manager)

    David, the General Manager at SBG Atlanta, is an advocate for our gym’s vision. He is driven by the desire to empower individuals from diverse backgrounds with self-defense skills, ensuring that martial arts are accessible to everyone. David’s leadership journey revolves around the principle of “meeting people where they are”, establishing connections based on understanding and compassion. With his experience in the security sector, David excels at adapting to changing circumstances while remaining committed to our mission statement. He firmly believes that effective leadership relies on communication and strives to create an environment where each person can thrive. David envisions a future where our Tribe continues to grow and succeed, with every member contributing to its development and achievements.

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    Autumn Gentry

    (Marketing Director)

    Autumn Gentry, our Marketing Director, has a passion for protecting and nurturing the community within SBG Atlanta. She believes that SBG is a place where martial arts skills and positive contributions to society come together. Autumn’s leadership style has been greatly influenced by a boss who genuinely cares about growth, teaching her the importance of leading with compassion. With 16 years of experience in the medical device industry, she brings a wealth of knowledge to SBG and aims to combine her expertise with our entrepreneurial spirit for growth. According to Autumn, a leader embodies qualities such, as honesty, integrity, empathy, effective communication, and a clear vision. She envisions our Tribe expanding through processes and practices that align with SBG’s vision.

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    Sean Coleman

    (Digital Marketing Strategist)

    Lastly, let me introduce you to Sean Coleman, our Digital Marketing Strategist. His dedication to Straight Blast Gym goes beyond work; it is deeply ingrained in his life. Sean’s journey within the SBG community has been transformative, especially as he has witnessed his children thrive within the Tribe. With a diverse background and life experiences, he has honed his communication skills and developed a deep appreciation for SBG, which he now considers his home. According to Sean, genuine care is the key quality of a leader—one that surpasses personal ego and gain. As a “tribe builder,” he envisions nurturing others through leading by example and prioritizing empathy and emotional intelligence. Sean is committed to the growth of our Tribe and continuously strives for leadership excellence, lighting our way to success.

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    Within the fabric of SBG Buford and SBG Atlanta, our leadership team plays a role in unifying a vision of strength, unity, and growth. As we delve into the hearts and minds of these leaders, a common theme emerges: a commitment to our Tribe and its prosperity.

    Our mission statement captures the core essence of our gym’s vision: To establish a business that allows us to utilize our passion for the betterment of lives. It extends beyond martial-arts; it encompasses nurturing personal development, fostering camaraderie, and enriching lives. This mission – combined with our Core Values rooted in Trust, Care, Energy, Growth, and Safety, sets the foundation for an epic journey of growth by our Tribe.

    Envisioning 3 gyms with 2,400 students in dominance regarding impact on students lives, competition prowess, and financial success is our guiding North Star. Our aspirations reach beyond numbers; they encompass profound transformations within our students lives as well as making positive contributions to our community and the realm of martial arts.

    Phillipe, Woo, David, Autumn, and Sean—each individual represents a piece of the puzzle that brings our Tribe together. Their shared dedication to our gym’s vision and their diverse backgrounds breathe life into our community. Whether it’s Phillipe’s determination to succeed and uplift others, Woo’s leadership skills honed through military experience, David’s commitment to personal growth and collective accomplishments, Autumn’s passion for preserving our culture, or Sean’s consistent loyalty to our Tribe, these leaders embody the essence of SBG.

    Our Tribe is like a symphony where each leader serves as a conductor of their section harmonizing together to create a masterpiece. They teach us that leadership goes beyond seeking attention; it revolves around serving others, empathizing with them, communicating effectively and growing collectively.

    Under their guidance, as our Tribe evolves, we are poised for a magnificent journey. We envision a future where the vision of our gym becomes a reality; where members, instructors, and leaders unite to create something great. The growth of our Tribe is not an endpoint; it’s an adventure we all share. We warmly invite you to be part of this journey with us. Together, we rise higher than ever imagined, thriving as individuals while becoming more unified than before.

    The future ahead of us looks promising. Our community is filled with determination that knows no bounds.

    Sean Coleman

    is one of the longest tenured coaches at SBG Atlanta. He has been training / coaching / competing in Jiu Jitsu, MMA, and other programs since 2011 and holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.