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  • Tim Cho is Straight Blast Gym’s Martial Arts Student of the Month for June 2023


    Tim Cho is SBG’s Martial Artist of the month, and is a shining example of dedication and perseverance. Since joining the Muay Thai program nearly two years ago, Tim has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to his training. Through consistent hard work and a steadfast belief in the process, he has achieved remarkable progress and is now reaping the rewards. 

    Tim’s determination to improve has earned him the respect of his coaches at SBG. He is a familiar face, regularly attending class five days a week, if not more. Tim’s relentless pursuit of excellence sets him apart as an exceptional student. Coach Alex speaks highly of Tim:

    Tim is a great asset to the Muay Thai Program. He is approachable, friendly, and a very coachable member of the Tribe. I love having him in my classes. He deserves this recognition as Student of the Month!

    Not only does Tim excel in his own training, but he also goes above and beyond to support his fellow students. He is often seen helping newer students become acquainted and feel comfortable in class. Tim’s willingness to lend a hand and create a welcoming environment for all demonstrates his genuine passion for the martial arts community and makes him a valuable asset to the Tribe. 

    There is no doubt that Tim’s passion for martial arts burns bright, in both Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu. His journey in SBG’s martial arts programs showcases the power of consistent effort and trust in the process. His approachability and commitment to both personal growth and supporting others makes him a truly deserving recipient as Student of the Month.

    Congratulations Tim!

    Autumn Gentry

    is the co-owner and Marketing Director of SBG Atlanta (Buford & Druid Hills locations). Her husband is the Founder/Owner. She has been training Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Group Fitness, and Online Personal Training with SBG Atlanta since 2018 and is currently a Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt.