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  • Wyatt Hanne is SBG Buford’s Kids Martial Arts Student of the Month for March 2021


    Wyatt Hanne is a Legacy athlete at Straight Blast Gym, meaning that he holds the top-tier membership that is reserved for our most prestigious athletes.

    Wyatt’s Legacy invitation was a no-brainer, as he has become a tremendous asset to our Straight Blast Gym’s Growing Gorillas Jiu Jitsu program. Let’s start from the beginning…

    Wyatt has been training in Straight Blast Gym Buford’s Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program since April of 2017. At the time, Wyatt was only 5 years old. His father, Chris, enrolled him at SBG Buford for a variety of reasons:

    “I wanted for my son to be active in a variety of sports, and to be able to defend himself while being forced to use his brain as much as the rest of his body.”

    Like most 5-year-olds that begin training in SBG’s Growing Gorillas Kids Martial Arts program, Wyatt spent a lot of his early months in BJJ underneath his more experienced teammates, trying to find a way to escape. This is an incredibly valuable lesson for children, as it not only helps them to overcome physical adversity, but it lets the know that if this situation were to happen in real life…they have a solution.

    Wyatt Hanne, student of Straight Blast Gym's Kids Martial Arts program

    Around 6 months into his Jiu Jitsu journey, Wyatt began to be the kid that found himself on top, applying pressure and looking for submissions against his BJJ teammates. His coaches were so impressed by his martial arts progression and good attitude that in 2018 he was offered an invitation to join our Leadership program. SBG Buford’s Leadership program is reserved for our Growing Gorilla BJJ students that lead from the front; both with their skillset and their behavior.

    SBG Buford’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belt and Kids BJJ Coach Woo Ko said this about Wyatt:

    “It’s a lot to ask of young kids to behave and pay attention for an hour, but Wyatt is a student that I never have to worry about causing a ruckus or being disruptive. His calming demeanor is a huge help in keeping the other students focused on their training.

    In 2020, Straight Blast Gym was hit by the COVID19 pandemic just like every other business. The martial arts gym was forced to shut its doors for a couple of months while everyone figured out exactly what this new virus was all about. When the doors reopened and Jiu Jitsu classes were allowed to resume, Wyatt was one of the first kids back on the mats, ready to pick up where he’d left off.

    Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Buford GA

    When asked about what he likes most about training at Straight Blast Gym Buford, Wyatt said that he enjoys the King of the Hill drills and playing dodgeball at the end of class.

    Keep up the fantastic work Wyatt, and thank you for your many years of hard work on the mats!!

    Jim Sheppard

    is one of the co-owners of Straight Blast Gym Buford and Straight Blast Gym Atlanta. He has been training / coaching / competing in Muay Thai since 2013 and holds a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.