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  • Welcoming Shane Bishop as the New General Manager of SBG Atlanta (Druid Hills)

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    We are excited to announce the appointment of Shane Bishop as the new General Manager of SBG Atlanta (Druid Hills). Shane’s journey to this role is one of dedication, passion, and alignment with the core values of our community.

    A Fond Farewell To David Eads

    Before we dive into Shane’s story, we want to take a moment to express our immense gratitude to David Eads for his remarkable tenure as General Manager. Under David’s leadership, SBG Atlanta saw tremendous growth, expanding our community to over 500 students. His commitment and vision have left an indelible mark on our gym, and we wish him all the best in his new career in law enforcement. We look forward to regularly seeing him on the mats training with us and as an integral member of our SBG community.

    Meet Shane Bishop

    Shane’s passion for martial arts began with his wrestling career in middle and high school. As an adult, he realized he longed for a community and sport that mirrored the camaraderie of his wrestling days. Inspired by an interview he saw with Jonah Hill about jiu jitsu, Shane embarked on his search for the right gym and the right martial art for him… he focused his efforts in grappling and striking. The moment he stepped into a martial arts gym with fully padded mats, he felt an overwhelming sense of nostalgia and knew he had found his place.

    A Natural Leader

    Shane’s enthusiasm for martial arts and his dedication to SBG were evident when he began working at SBG Atlanta as a FITS (First Impression Team Specialist). His leadership, commitment, and genuine love for our community made him a standout candidate. When the opportunity for the General Manager role arose, Shane was the obvious choice for SBG. “It was a no-brainer for me. I’m most excited about growing in this role and taking on more responsibility. I’m a very competitive person and love new challenges,” Shane said.

    One Tribe, One Vibe

    The culture at SBG is what sets us apart, embodied in our motto: One Tribe One Vibe. Initially focused on his training and quiet by nature, Shane found that the SBG community pulled him out of his shell. “The atmosphere is very welcoming, and it’s a judgment-free and intimidation-free place, which immediately resonated with me. From the coaches to the people to the training partners, it’s one big family,” Shane shared.

    Beyond Muay Thai, Shane has also embraced jiu-jitsu, finding joy in the constant physical and mental challenges it presents. Outside of the gym, he enjoys snowboarding and is a food enthusiast. Shane lives with his fiancée Parish, their dog Kai, and their cat Phoebe.

    Looking Ahead

    We are thrilled to have Shane Bishop stepping into the role of General Manager at SBG Atlanta (Druid Hills). His journey, dedication, and alignment with our values make him the perfect fit to lead our community into the future. Please join us in welcoming Shane and supporting him as he takes on this exciting new challenge.

    Welcome to the next chapter, Shane! We are excited to see the amazing things you will accomplish as part of our tribe.

    Autumn Gentry

    is the co-owner and Marketing Director of SBG Atlanta (Buford & Druid Hills locations). Her husband is the Founder/Owner. She has been training Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Group Fitness, and Online Personal Training with SBG Atlanta since 2018 and is currently a Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt.