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  • Naomi Wilson is June’s Fitness Member of the Month


    “I work as a registered nurse, so my job can be very stressful. I feel that kickboxing allows me to take out my aggression and tension out in a productive and healthy way. I also appreciate it, because I had a recent trip to Jamaica it was really important to me to get fit for this adventure.”

    In preparation for her vacation to Jamaica, Naomi turned up the volume on her Fitness Kickboxing training at Straight Blast Gym Buford. The results have been outstanding, as she has lost several inches off of her waist and is looking fab-u-lous!!

    Naomi first began doing Fitness Kickboxing at SBG Buford in the summer of 2018. She cited her reasons for coming to Straight Blast Gym as “I always had a respect for mixed martial arts and kickboxing. I felt that training at SBG would help to broaden my appreciation for this art, while increasing my fitness level.”

    Naomi didn’t waste any time, becoming a regular participant in our afternoon/evening Fitness Kickboxing classes. Kickboxing coaches Tyler Trump and Alex Caruso cited her hard work ethic and chipper attitude when explaining their choice for Fitness Member of the Month at SBG Buford.

    “I certainly carry myself with much more confidence than I ever have before, in my life. I am the happiest that I’ve been in a long time 🙂 I don’t just feel like a number at this gym, I feel like I’m part of the family.”

    Naomi continues to wow her Fitness Kickboxing coaches and classmates with her amazing energy and physical progress. Keep up the outstanding work, Naomi!

    Jim Sheppard

    is one of the co-owners of Straight Blast Gym Buford and Straight Blast Gym Atlanta. He has been training / coaching / competing in Muay Thai since 2013 and holds a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.