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  • Jared Gooden Goes 5-0 MMA


    Last Friday Jared Gooden fought in his 5th profession MMA bout against a very game Tanner Saraceno. Walking away victorious Jared added another finish to his 12 fight MMA (7 Ammy and 5 Pro) win streak. Gooden displayed yet again a wide array of weapons standing, in the clinch and on the ground and now has 2 TKOs and 3 Subs as a Professional Mixed Martial Artist.

    Jared Gooden MMA

    As an MMA coach, I can teach you all the techniques and moves you need to be a champion but I can’t teach you grimey grit Gooden displayed on last Fridays National Fighting Championship (NFC) card. Jared came back from his toughest first round yet to finish Tanner via TKO in the 2nd. At least one of the judges (the one I talked to) scored his first round 10-8.

    Out of the gate Jared’s Muay Thai Kickboxing looked sharp. He landed a beautiful kick to the body and then another to Tanner’s head. Jared worked his opponent into the clinch and won the takedown against the cage. Saraceno being an excellent grappler himself was able to reverse the position and proceeded to beat on my guy like he owed him money. Gooden got mounted and had his back taken but was able to survive the barrage.

    A few people questioned why BAMF, Referee George Allen didn’t stop it in the first. When I chatted with George after the fight, he said Jared was still in the game and intelligently defending himself. Sure punches were landing but “Jared blocked at least one out of every three strikes”, said Allen.

    After the bell rung we helped Jared to the stool and we (Pat, Eddie and me) reminded him that our gamelan was to wear him out in the first and finish him in the second… and although our original plan didn’t involve Tanner wearing himself out by turning Jared’s face into the rolling hills of Tennessee, the mission was still accomplished. Saraceno looked to have trouble breathing due to his busted nose and we felt he used too much of his energy in the first giving us the opportunity we planned for in the second.


    Jared came out strong. Another big head kick forced a takedown attempt that Gooden was able to sprawl on and come around for the back. After getting the hooks, Jared flattened Tanner out and finished with strikes from the top adding one more TKO to his unblemished Professional MMA record.

    Our goal moving forward is to continue to fill the holes in Jared’s game while finding him tougher and tougher opponents. Straight Blast Gym is working to sharpen Gooden’s skills while his manager, Ross Kellin from Guardian Sports Group works on getting him a shot in the UFC. This kid is on the rise and we couldn’t be prouder.

    If you are a business owner and are looking to have one of the hottest up and comers rep your brand shoot the man an email at [email protected] and learn more about your tax deductible sponsorship options.


    Jim Sheppard

    is one of the co-owners of Straight Blast Gym Buford and Straight Blast Gym Atlanta. He has been training / coaching / competing in Muay Thai since 2013 and holds a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.