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  • Introducing the All New Fit Blitz!



    The Best Gym in Gwinnett is now offering NO ENROLLMENT FEE for their brand new Fit Blitz class!

    Beginning February 20th, Straight Blast Gym will roll out our brand new Fit Blitz, a 45 minute, fast-paced workout designed to get you in awesome shape in a short amount of time!


    Tis the time of the year when large droves of people flock to the gym in hopes of attaining the look and feel that they’ve been wanting for years, only to become frustrated when their goals are ultimately not met. The reasons for the failure are vast, and include the following

    No guidance on their exercise and diet

    A cold, sterile, uncaring, environment

    A lack of accountability

    Can’t afford a high-priced personal trainer

    It’s not fun!!


    The combination of some, or all, of these obstacles causes most people to abandon their health and fitness als. At Straight Blast Gym we have become the area’s most renowned and accomplished health and fitness facility by offering top quality programs that help people reach their personal goals and have actually have a good time doing it. Straight Blast Gym Buford has done such a good job at creating a welcoming environment and successful workout programs that we were voted THE BEST HEALTH AND FITNESS GYM IN GWINNETT for 2015 and 2016!!


    The Fit Blitz is designed for everyone, with no experience necessary. So many people don’t get the results they are looking for in watered down group fitness classes at their big box gym. Hey, we get it and we want to provide a kickass program for the masses who are looking to obtain an awesome summer-time body, have fun, and look/feel their absolute best all day long!



    Some of the things you can expect to experience in Straight Blast Gym’s Fit Blitz are:

    Workouts that are designed to build lean muscle and obliterate fat

    Expert fitness instruction from top certified personal trainers

    Easy-to-follow nutritional guidance

    Goal-oriented atmosphere and support system

    “Boredom Busting” workouts you’ll look forward to

    Think the Fit Blitz might be the answer to you feeling and looking the way that you want? We’d love to set up a FREE private session with one of our certified and experienced coaches so that you can come in and see what SBG is all about. During your session, you’ll get a tour of the facility, a benefits and goals analysis, a movement assessment, and an introductory Fit Blitz workout. We want you to finish your session pumped up and feeling great!

    Limited Time Offer!

    From now until Saturday, February 18th, we will completely waive your enrollment fee, saving you $100 and giving you the added motivation to take charge and get in incredible shape for the summertime.


    Jim Sheppard

    is one of the co-owners of Straight Blast Gym Buford and Straight Blast Gym Atlanta. He has been training / coaching / competing in Muay Thai since 2013 and holds a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.