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  • Embracing the Adventure; Hunter Cantrell’s Journey

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    Discovering Passion, through Martial Arts

    At SBG, each student’s journey is an experience. Hunter Cantrell’s narrative strikes a chord with those seeking more than just a workout routine. Hunter entered SBG with an abundance of time and no particular way to fill it. What he stumbled upon was a true calling. “I’ve never felt better or been as active in my life ” Hunter explains, highlighting the impact of uncovering this passion.

    The Strength of Community

    What truly made a difference for Hunter wasn’t solely the training but the sense of community. “Being part of this community helped me realize that I’m not as reserved as I once believed,” he explains. This realization speaks volumes about the environment at SBG, where everyone, from instructors to students, contributes to creating a supportive atmosphere. As Coach Pat notes, Hunter is fully invested in the experience, embodying the values of commitment and camaraderie that we hold dear.

    Beyond Being a Student

    Hunter’s dedication shines not only in his personal practice but also in his willingness to uplift others.
    “I always try to support newcomers because I can relate to their experience,” he mentions, embodying the spirit of growth and camaraderie at SBG. His aspiration to become a Muay Thai coach stems from his passion for the sport and his desire to give back.

    A Bright Future Ahead

    Hunter’s transition from a beginner to an aspiring coach reflects the essence of SBG—transformation, community, and the pursuit of excellence. Coach Carmen’s has also expressed gratitude to Hunter for encouraging others to try Fitness Kickboxing, showcasing his impact across programs.

    In shining the spotlight on Hunter Cantrell this month, we not only applaud his accomplishments in Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu but also recognize his personal growth and significance as a cherished member of our Tribe. His journey serves as a testament that, with dedication, hard work, and support from SBG, anyone can transform their leisure time into a life-altering experience.

    Let’s come together to congratulate Hunter and draw inspiration to embark on your path. Who knows where your journey, on the mat may lead you?

    Sean Coleman

    is one of the longest tenured coaches at SBG Atlanta. He has been training / coaching / competing in Jiu Jitsu, MMA, and other programs since 2011 and holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.