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  • Half of our Intermediate and Advanced Jiu Jitsu classes, and ALL of our Foundations classes, are conducted in the Gi (the traditional two-piece uniform consisting of a jacket and pants, along with a belt which communicates your rank). The other half of our Intermediate and Advanced Jiu Jitsu classes are conducted in “No Gi” attire, where you will wear a rash guard (a tighter fitting shirt) – either long sleeve or short sleeve – and a pair of board shorts or No Gi Pants (also known as spats) that do not have pockets. The purpose of the tighter fitting attire is for safety, as you do not want you or your teammates smaller extremeties (think fingers, toes, etc) to get snagged in loose fitting clothing causing them to break.

    You can wear outside brands, or you can purchase SBG Gear from our in-house stores. In addition, Gi and No Gi classes will be clearly marked so you will know what attire to wear to class.