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Damien Mann is August's Martial Arts Kid of the Month

“Damien is a great kid.  He listens well, he always has a good attitude, and I can pair him with anyone in class and I know that it will be okay.  My favorite thing about Damien is his very curious and exploratory mind. He is the type of student that is always asking questions about […]
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Summer Slam: Enroll at SBG for only $99!!

SBG’s Summer Slam is a sizzling offer, and it’s only here for a limited time!!   Right now, you can enroll at Straight Blast Gym Buford for only $99 and we’ll throw in your first month of training ABSOLUTELY FREE.  You can use your free month at SBG in any of the following programs:   […]
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Amanda Zazoni is August's Fitness Athlete of the Month

Amanda decided to make some major lifestyle changes, and it has led to her dropping over 100 pounds!!   “I joined SBG Buford because I was looking for something new, fun, and a community. I had been training by myself for a few years and I was just kind of tired of it.”   It’s […]
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Adam Hubbard is August's Marital Arts Student of the Month

Adam Hubbard has lost 80 pounds since the beginning of 2020.   It’s easy to hate on 2020.  For all intents and purposes, it’s been a pretty lousy year for a whole lot of people.  This COVID pandemic has been difficult on us all, and one of the unfortunate byproducts has been that many of […]
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Kids Martial Arts Student of the Month for July 2020: David Dodita

David Dodita is Straight Blast Gym Buford’s Kids Martial Arts Student of the Month for July 2020!   The Dotita brothers have been a fixture of our Growing Gorillas martial arts program since the fall of 2017.  David and his younger brother, Samuel, have worked their way up from brand-new, inexperienced white belts, to a […]
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Fitness Athlete of the Month for July 2020 is Betty Dobson

Betty Dobson is Straight Blast Gym Buford’s Fitness Athlete of the Month for July 2020.   Betty Dobson is a regular in SBG Buford’s 5pm Fitness Kickboxing classes.  She comes straight from work, and is always dressed out and ready to go when her coaches begin the training session.  When new athletes arrive for their […]
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Martial Arts Student of the Month | July 2020

Denis Balakin is SBG Buford’s Martial Arts Student of the Month for July 2020. It’s been a wild ride for SBG Buford’s Jiu Jitsu program, over the past few months.  With a global pandemic forcing Straight Blast Gym to shut down for two months, our martial arts students were not able to get on the […]
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Amber Yi is March's Fitness Athlete of the Month

There aren’t many days during the week in which you won’t find Amber Yi training in Muay Thai or fitness classes at Straight Blast Gym Buford.   In addition to being a regular in our 9:30am Muay Thai, Fitness Kickboxing, and Fitness Performance clases, Amber has established herself as one of the harder workers at […]
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Brandon Hudson is our Martial Art Athlete of the Month

Brandon Hudson has been training at Straight Blast Gym Buford for over 4 years, having participated in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Fitness Performance, and Fitness Kickboxing. Brandon initially came to SBG to join our Muay Thai program.  Looking for something new and exciting, he became a regular at the gym.  Along with his friend […]
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Cason Wable is March's Kids Martial Arts Athlete of the Month

March’s Kids Martial Arts student of the month is young Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athlete Cason Wable. Cason is a part of our Chimpanzee (7-8 years old) jiu jitsu team.  He has been training since he was only 3 years old. With him being an only child, his father, Jesse, wanted him to participate in an […]
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