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Montana Keitz

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With Sbg Since 2022

Montana embarked on his martial arts journey in 2019 when he started training Muay Thai, closely followed by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2020. These disciplines soon became more than just physical activities for him; they were tools for channeling and controlling anger that had been a part of his challenging upbringing.

In 2022, Montana found his home at SBG, where he quickly became a remarkable asset to the coaching staff and an integral member of the Tribe. His path to martial arts was unconventional. Growing up, Montana was passionate about skateboarding, but eventually decided to leave it behind in pursuit of learning how to fight. This decision not only transformed his life but also set him on a path to become a dedicated and fun-loving kids’ coach.

Working with young martial artists, Montana has found a sense of purpose and authenticity. He passionately believes in the importance of being genuine and staying true to oneself, values he tries to impart on his students. As a purple belt in jiu jitsu and an active practitioner in Muay Thai and MMA, Montana understands the significance of patience, both in martial arts and teaching children. In his free time, he also enjoys drawing, playing video games, and listening to ‘death metal,’ hobbies that he says take patience which is one of the biggest requirements in effectively teaching kids.

A fun fact about Montana is that he loves frogs, which stems from his grandmother, who has been a steadfast supporter throughout his life and one of his biggest advocates in his martial arts career.

Montana Keitz
BJJ Purple Belt