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Atlanta Summer Open 2016

The Atlanta Open is back September 24th and 25th at the Georgia International Convention Center. Saturday the 24th will be for those wishing to compete in Gi. Sunday the 25th will be for those wishing to compete in No-Gi. The Atlanta Open is hosted by the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation or for short IBJJF. […]
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The Awesome Transformation of Jason Stolkner

  Going to a new gym can be scary. It’s like having that “new kid in school” anxiety as an adult. You’re going to an unfamiliar place, filled with unfamiliar people, to participate in activities that you may not be very good at. Most times the hardest part is taking that first step and deciding […]
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Body Fat T esting at SBG!

Over an eight week period in June and July, a couple dozen members of Straight Blast Gym Buford decided to participate in a contest where we would use a hydrostatic testing pool to measure our current body composition, with a goal to see who could have the greatest improvement over an eight week period. Before […]
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Self Defense Week at SBG Buford!

A huge aspect of martial arts is the self defense aspect of the training. While there are numerous advantages to martial arts training such as weight loss, increased strength, enhanced cardio, and more energy, one of the main drivers that makes people want to do martial arts is so they have the ability to protect […]
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Chris Conolley Kickboxing Seminar - August 20, 1016

Chris Conolley is coming to SBG Buford. Chris is the best kickboxing Coach in the SE and has coached many athletes on to become Pro fighters. If you want to learn kickboxing from the best, sign up for his kickboxing seminar at SBG Buford on August 20th from 2p – 5p.  Seminars are a great […]
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